March 19, 2019

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Author: Jess Leon

Over 100 years of combined internet marketing experience, 4 years of software development, thousands of hours of testing and over 1,000,000 lines of software code and we have finally developed THE tool letting us FINALLY… Get Back to Business! We all know your pain ; you’ve got a business and you’re trying to discover a single good answer for promoting on the internet. You may have valuable products to sell ( as an associate or otherwise ) but you’re not focused on your business much these days… Instead you’ve turned your focus to promoting instead!

You Want to Get Back to Business!

you may be a local carpet cleaner in Alpharetta Georgia, you could be an affiliate marketer in Sacramento, you could be an accident/injury attorney in the UK, or perhaps you are attempting to hire folks into your MLM opportunity… Maybe you’re selling online dog training products or perhaps you’re an estate agent in San Francisco. Whatever the truth might be you have been attempting to advertise your business online and suddenly you find that you’re either spending too much money with little to no result or you have spent too much time chasing one method after another and suddenly you have become overwhelmed…

What happened? Internet Marketing Books & Courses

All you actually desire is to be ready to ignore all of the rubbish, tricks, lies and misinformation so you can focus on a single thing which will grow your business so you can get back to running your business and focusing on your prospects, shoppers and clients… Right? We all know your agony ; if you haven’t experienced this agony then you must have just gotten started. That’s’s OK too you are here for a reason.

we needed to end our pain, we needed a technique to reduce our promoting time so we’d be able to focus on nurturing prospects into customers…. You know…. Our’real’ business. Selling is NO sort of business in itself
In the net world, prospects start in the shape of net traffic ; traffic from the search engines, traffic from social networks and traffic from advertising. As a business it’s your job to convert that traffic into prospects then sales, clients, contracts, sign ups, partners, affiliates , you name it… What’s your business?

if you’ve been internet marketing for a while then you know that all traffic isn’t born equal we required a technique to guarantee a steady and augmenting amount of the right traffic to our web business presence without having to turn 95% of our focus to marketing… We required leverage but not just any kind of leverage…
We wanted powerful leverage that would let us spend 95% of our time working our business prospects and only 5% marketing… We had it backwards… We used to spend 95% of our time promoting ( or working out how to market ) and only five percent on our prospects and our ‘core’ business… How crazy is that? … Think about it…

We required an easy way to tap into the power of the Net without spending much time or money in the midst we needed the leverage to reduce our online marketing time to only 5% and still handle all the elements needed to build our business on the internet such as search engine rankings ( SEO ) search engine visibility expansion ; owning more property for more terms our prospects might search for.

Social media exposure ; drumming the explosion of folk spending time in networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.Content syndication, distribution and propagation ( text, audio, video, etc Business Exposure! Viral instigation ; enticing hundreds or thousands of people to willingly spread our content.
Over a hundred years of combined internet marketing experience, four years of software development, thousands of hours of testing and over 1,000,000 lines of software code we have eventually developed the tool letting us finally… Get Back to Business!
Internet Marketing for the New Generation.

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