March 20, 2019

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three way Passive Income for bloggers

A blog can be a source of money earners in various ways. Whether from ads posted on your blog, writing reviews of websites or other people’s businesses, to using Google Adsense. There Seven important points that you need to apply to write or create a blog to attract to visit, Everything requires a blog that has many visitors or also called a large traffic.

Blog is one application or site that contains information in the form of writing or drawing, where the owner can write, and readers can access it via the internet. The activity in managing blog is called blogging. While the user is called blogger.

Blog users today are very diverse, with a variety of purposes. There are blogs dedicated to providing information only, to the use of blogs for businesses. Today, many blogger communities have been formed, both because of the similarity of topics, similarities of interest and other similarities.

The question is, what should be in your blog, so many people who want to visit and feel prolonged reading it? It’s best if they are interested to visit again at another time

Seven important points that you need to apply to write or create a blog to be interesting to visit.
1. Interesting title and as per reader’s requirement.
2. Clear look and template and pamper the eyes.
3. Content management blog.
4. Pictures that match the article.
5. Writing language.
6. Content writing.
7. Write with your heart, according to your abilities and skills, and do not become plagiarism.

For more details you can visit the links contained in each of the above points. Happy to write and create an interesting blog and can generate for you and useful for others.

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